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For children, Disney movies create especially powerful emotions. But how can something you SEE make you FEEL? Creative people know It all Starts With Art!
With kids of their own, a group of former Disney animators wanted to teach them to SEE the world as they do – to learn the tips, tricks and techniques that artists have used throughout history to communicate visually.
The goal? Enable children to learn, explore, and discover their own individual creative voice.
What's the best way to connect with children? If you're an animator you'll use ........ animation! It's a powerful teaching tool, and in the hands of creative people it's enormously fun.
Add in a lovable polar bear, penguin sisters and a full cast of engaging characters…....
Welcome to Creativity Express!
The Art Factory
Lesson Plans
Fun for all grades, the Art Factory plans include:
Children, a polar bear, and two penguins
Explore with your Art Guides:
MEET & GREET: Fur, Feathers, & Flippers
Children identify and bond with their Art Guides, facilitating the learning process. Each is different, so their personalities play off each other. Mischief, really.
Ruby is both mom and 'teacher'. She's organized, sweet, logical, analytical and capable of explaining difficult concepts in a simple straightforward way.
Cuddly, loveable Furnace is the easygoing companion. His comical personality and hunger for knowledge (and sandwiches) shows that art doesn't have to be stuffy!
As the little sister of Ruby, Tickles is fun-loving, energetic and playful.
Frequently, her enthusiasm lands her in a bit of trouble.
So, which one are you?
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