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Creativity is a key part of the educated mind
Creativity Express is a unique and innovative curriculum. Each lesson takes a contextual approach to the principles and history of art. Our award winning program connects visual concepts like line or movement to the way artists and designers use those principles to convey a message, tell a story or express an emotion.
These emotional and conceptual connections build a strong foundation for students to understand and interpret art, essential to discovering an individual artistic voice.
Furnace and Tickles Explore Ancient Egypt
A picture paints a thousand words
The sixteen-lesson curriculum focuses on the ways that artists visually convey messages and ideas through emphasis, contrast, and structure of the core artistic principles. Each lesson explores artwork in context with other relevant facts and disciplines to assist students in gaining a deeper appreciation for the works of artists and the historical events and technological developments that influenced them. Artistic principles are taught using a creative, interactive process that makes learning fun and accessible, combined with a contextual approach that makes art more relevant to one's daily life.
The holistic aspect of the Creativity Express curriculum lends itself well to the study of other academic subjects. Art does not live in a vacuum, but rather reflects the personal and historic context in which the artist lived, including the artists' social status, the inventions of the time period and other scientific advancements and understandings of that age. Hence, the lessons are able to make important cross-curricular connections to history, math, science, writing, and other disciplines. Creativity Express meets the National Standards for the Visual Arts
Research proves there is better engagement in the learning process and better retention of the information presented when students have emotional attachment. Creativity Express delivers these aspects by utilizing humor, animation and storytelling. The interactivity of the program and the many incentives and rewards contribute to a greater understanding of the lesson materials, and better skills applying the presented concepts.
Online, Cross-Platform & Hassle Free
Designed from the ground-up for online delivery, Creativity Express eliminates the problems of traditional software. Teachers, parents, and students may access the curriculum from any device with a high speed internet connection and web browser.

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