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We Don't Teach Painting and Drawing
It's true. Creativity Express is not video tutorials of art techniques. If your children like to paint and draw, Creativity Express will make them much better at it, but that's not what we do. Art isn't just for children who like to draw.
Art teaches children to think. Creativity Express gives a solid foundation in the visual arts so that they literally "see" the world around them from a whole new perspective. Professional animation makes all 16 lessons are terrifically fun. That's what we do.
Tickles and Ruby Explore Lines
There's no such thing as mindless creativity
Your child is introduced to fundamental art principles and ideas in sayART, discovers meaning and interpretation in seeART, takes challenges and plays with puzzles in thinkART, then explores self-expression with hands-on projects in doART. Each learning module offers engaging lessons with animated characters, followed by interactive activities to strengthen understanding of the ideas presented.
Our animated characters excel at making abstract and challenging subjects understandable by putting the ideas into a context that is relevant to children. This enables your child to make personal connections to both the characters and the ideas being presented. We think it's vital to engage children emotionally as well as cognitively, and research has proven this technique to greatly enhance knowledge retention.
Art education is so much more than the study of a single subject – it is a gateway to history, science, geography, math, culture, and a world of ideas. It is also one of the best ways to help children develop their critical thinking skills, and explore their own creativity. Madcap Logic consulted with museum professionals and education experts to design a compelling course of study that meets the National Standards for the Visual Arts and several State Standards as well.
Creativity = Careers
Remember the myth of the "Starving Artist"? It's over. Really over.
In today's world "Creativity" is the new buzzword.
A solid visual arts education is the foundation for creative thinking. So what fun jobs and well-paying careers "Start With Art"? The answers might surprise you! As creative people we decided that seeing was believing.
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