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Homeschool, Aferschool & Creative Development
Whether you are looking to supplement your Homeschool curriculum or simply want a fun educational activity, Art is an essential part of every child's creative development.
Choose a subscription plan that fits your needs and get your child stared on the path to empower their inner creativity, imagination and critical thinking skills.
Subscription Payment Options: Monthly, Quarterly, or Semiannual (Six Months)
Tickles on Ice
Traditional, Charter & Distance Learning Schools
Creativity Express is a trusted online educational resource, enabling students to connect topics in Science, Math, History using Art as the compass. Whether you have a dedicated Art Department or simply want to supplement your curriculum, our professionally animated interactive lessons enable your students to learn, explore, and discover their own individual creative voice.
It's simple - each enrolled student has their own subscription to Creativity Express. There is no limit to the number of Teachers a School can have, you pay only for the number of Students. As every school system is different, our Teacher Account Center is flexibly designed for easy class and student management. Licenses are active for one year. School Student Licenses - Annual
Open Access / Whiteboard License: The program may be used in open, unlocked format by any one Teacher during the school day, and may be projected to any number of students and classes throughout; however any individual assessments will not be monitored or reported. Teachers have access to Account Center Lesson Plans and Educational Resources. Payment Options: Whiteboard License - Semester or Annual
Salvador Dali
Summer Arts, Museums & Youth Programs
The ideal solution for administrators looking for a cool way to creatively educate group classes either through youth programs, museum summer sessions, or traditional schools offering enrichment courses. Creativity Express Open Access / Whiteboard License with a flexible short-term payment option.
Let your program excel by putting the Art back in Smart. Summer Arts License
Tickles and Ruby painting
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